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Igre za Decu - Besplatne Igrice od 3 do 103 godine - Games for Kids Free

Aladin igrice - Aladdin gamesAladdin

Andjela anakonda igrice - Angela anaconda gamesAngela Anaconda

Alisa u zemlji cuda igrice - Alice in the wonderland gamesAlice in the Wonderland

Ljute ptice igrice - Angry birds gamesAngry Birds

Avatar igrice - Avatar gamesAvatar

Bakugan igrice - Bakugan gamesBakugan

Barbika igrice - Barbie gamesBarbie

Betmen igrice - Batman gamesBatman

Ben 10 igrice - Ben ten gamesBen 10

Bejblejd igrice - Beyblade gamesBeyblade

Dusko Dugousko igrice - Bugs bunny gamesBugs Bunny

Bratz moda igrice - Bratz fashion gamesBratz Fashion

Drustvene igre igrice - Board gamesBoard Games

Novogodisnje i bozicne igrice - Christmas gamesChristmas Games

Bojanke igrice - Colouring pages gamesColouring Pages

Dizni princeze igrice - Disney princess gamesDisney Princess

Farm Farma games igrice igreFarm Farma

Oblacenje devojcica igrice - Fashion gamesFashion Games

Garfild igrice - Garfield gamesGarfield

Hari Poter igrice - Harry Potter gamesHarry Potter

Helo Kiti igrice - Hello Kitty gamesHello Kitty

Muzicke igrice - Music gamesMusic Games

Nindza korinjace igrice - Ninja turtles gamesNinja Turtles

pepqa prase igrice - Peppa pig gamesPeppa Pig

Platformske igrice - Platform gamesPlatform Games

Voznja igrice - Racing gamesRacing Games

Skubi du igrice - Scooby doo gamesScooby Doo

Shooting games free - Pucanje pucacke igriceShooting Games

Sundjer bob kockalone igrice - Sponge Bob gamesSponge Bob

Super Mario igrice - Super Mario gamesSuper Mario

Tom i Dzeri igrice - Tom and Jerry gamesTom and Jerry

Transformersi igrice - Transformers gamesTransformers

Vini Pu igrice - Winnie the pooh gamesWinnie the Pooh Bear

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Are Games Good For Kids? - Igrice i Deca

Playing free online games can be a way of life for kids and parents. Good news for parents is that a new studies finds that all that time kids spent in front of a screen, playing online games or watch cartoons isn't such a bad thing. They shows that almost all kids play games and watch cartoons, and that more than half of kids often play games with other kids, with firends. The most amazing fact is that the three most popular types of online kids games are not violent! Instead, most popular games for kids involve: Racing, Puzzles and Sports. Playing games involves problem solving, achieving goals or overcoming obstacles. Really important skills for kids development. There's a real promise here to harness the enthusiasm of kids for games and to use that to help them learn things more effectively than they could in any classroom. So parents, relax. Your kids are actually learning much more than how to smash cartoon character. At you can find only finest, hand picked games, games that will not only entertain children, but will actually improve their development.

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